Curriculum Vitae

From Shaun D. Harvey


  • Attended the University of Waterloo for Sociology and Legal Studies [2007 to 2010]
  • Attended Seneca College of Arts and Design for Paralegal Studies [2010 - 2011]
  • Attended Conestoga College for Paralegal Studies (Graduate Certificate) [2011 - 2012]


  • I have worked as a Licensed Paralegal at Riverview Legal Services since September of 2013. Throughout my career, I have primarily focused on residential housing law and human rights law.
  • I currently supervise four new paralegal associates in my firm with my business partner Mitchell Kent. (

Career Achievements

  • I was the Chair of the Education Committee for the Ontario Paralegal Association (“OPA”) between 2019 to 2020. My primary duty was to design and deliver professional development materials to our members.
  • I am the chief editor and creator of (, a website that condenses legal decisions into an encyclopedia format organized by legal topic. The website is primarily used by legal professionals and adjudicators. Caselaw.Ninja currently has around 2,300 regular users that use the site each month. Currently, the service has just over 1,600 pages of content available, but that number grows every day.
  • I am currently a registered author with CanLII Connects, ( The focus of this publication is to provide legal professionals with up-to-date analysis of current and trending legal issues.
  • I have been featured in several articles in the Kitchener Record, and the Toronto Star on housing-related legal issues trending in the community, see:
  • I am a regular mentor to new paralegals entering the profession, I also participate as a paralegal placement host for paralegal students looking to meet their practicum requirements of their program.
  • I have worked to lobby parliament to make changes to the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006 to improve housing governance and improve tenant security while at the same time lobbying to make improvements that will also balance landlord rights and secure their economic interests.